Too big, too small, too many eyelashes, too little lips…


They are all wrong!  In my sketches I have fun happy faces but when I paint them in color aaarrrghhh.  And check out that disappearing ink?!?! Purple haze around the lips won’t go away, course I was pretty generous in the application right there… Maybe tomorrow will be the day it comes easily!  I really need to move on to stitching soon…

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One comment on “Too big, too small, too many eyelashes, too little lips…
  1. Sheila says:

    I share your pain. I layered up my two quilts, went to get the thread I knew I had on hand that would be the perfect color for one of them…and it wasn’t there! What’s going on with my brain these days, imagining things that either don’t exist or that I can no longer find? Fortunately, the perfect thread exists for the second quilt, and I’ll be in CDA Tues for allergy testing so can maybe find a perfect thread for the other one at Bear Paw.

    As for the purple haze – I think that kid has been eating something with grape jelly or maybe sucking on a grape Popsicle. ;-)

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