I actually thought I had published this on Thursday, when I actually did spend time in the studio again, but apparently my internet connection wasn’t working… so here it is on Sunday!

Today I thought I’d tell a little story about a revelation I had about my ‘other’ job.

One could attempt to break my life into 3 categories. My personal/family life, my art life, and my part time job (which I started late last fall). I would have agreed to 2 of the 3 categories a short time ago. However the new job has integrated into my life in a way I didn’t expect.

It all started late last summer when I reluctantly decided to become a support broker for my daughter, because I couldn’t find any in our area. I decided if I had to learn to do it for her, it made sense to work for others as well. The need in our area was great. It was an opportunity for me to work from home, helping families find and acquire the resources they need for their special needs children (my oldest daughter has special needs). I would also be able to set my own schedule. I took the job with much apprehension, I knew that the people aspect of the job would come naturally for me but the paperwork would likely drive me insane. My daughter needed a support broker and I needed to bring in an income. So I sucked it up and took the job.

I took on my first client late last fall and discovered how fun it was to dream with the family for a better life for their child, to help them determine what services or equipment they needed to create a better life for their kids and the rest of the family. I was good at this. I just had to convince the holders of the money that this was a good use of their budget (and file lots of paperwork).

I have been so fortunate to get to work with amazing families, dealing with things I never imagined, and celebrating the little joys of love and life. This is EXACTLY what my art is about! It was such a strange revelation seeing that this job, that I took on so reluctantly, is completely inline with my core values and my big picture for my art and life. To seek out the joy, to see the beauty in small moments, to share love and celebrate life.

how cool is that?

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